Getting to Zero – World AIDS Day 2011 Exhibit

Posted on Feb 14, 2012

Getting to Zero – World AIDS Day 2011 Exhibit at ArtCurrent curated by Pasquale Natale

When Tina Trudel and Dorothy Palanza invited sculptor Pasquale Natale to stage an exhibition in their gallery, Art Current, he was gratified by the opportunity to curate a show but hesitant to feature his own work solo. Although he is a dedicated artist, by his own choice he has not shown in a gallery setting for at least three years. A modest, unassuming man, Natale relishes the process of creating art but shies away from the limelight.

“I work every day in my studio, and I love it, but the stress that I have put on myself [in the past] when involved in a situation like [a one-person gallery show] is not productive for me. I need [creating] to be clean, unencumbered,” Natale says.

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