ArtCurrent Provincetown – Emergence Women in Transformation – Jonathan Stark

Posted on Jul 13, 2012


Women in Transformation

Photography by Jonathan Stark


Opening July 21st
6 to 9 p.m.
with special guest
Olga Broumas

The consistent theme in Jonathan’s work has been his ability to fall visually in love with the people and place where he is working at that moment. Jonathan’s photographs center on his unabashed enchantment with the human face, form and the interactions and emotions that define us. Jonathan looks at the surfaces of our bodies and the intertwining of arms, legs, torsos, eyes, and mouths as they hint at the opening of hearts and the revelations and strength of physical and spiritual intimacy. In his new body of work, “Emergence“, he focuses on the beauty and power of women who have transformed themselves either by their own volition of by circumstances they encountered.

“All my recent work has been created by my desire to engage each people in a moment of emotional intimacy and strength. For the time I am shooting, my subjects and I are partners in the process of expressing visually the passions that reside within.” Jonathan Stark

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