Tidal Pool – Artist Spotlights – artcurrent Provincetown

Posted on Aug 21, 2013

Show Dates: August 23 to September 8, 2013

Please join us for opening reception, Saturday, August 24, 5-8pm


Peter Lipsitt

The works at ArtCurrent Gallery are inspired by awe of the sea, and the plants and animals that live along the shore. I experiment with materials until something acceptable develops as an idea’s expression, even if the work takes an unexpected route.

Whether entering the river’s flow from the humanizing traditions of Classical figures, habitations from another culture, or well-used artifacts, I follow the imperative “make it new.” For me the resultant sculpture should possess both a reassuring familiarity and surprising

To challenge myself, I work directly, casting cement or Hydrocal© into the pure, tactile air of the single-use mold. Strategically-inserted metal, rope, or wood in the mold walls are transitional objects that conjure the spirit or implied function. The immediacy and anxiety
of the moment of casting become the medium through which informed experience, intuition, and intensity of expression unite to convey meaning.

Susan Israel

I have been exploring how to represent the impact of rising oceans in different contexts. I am interested in how we perceive that our lives are being affected by massive climate change.

Emotional and intellectual responses to these changes appear in my work as themes of loss, disruption, and renewal. I explore these themes in contrasting scales of the personal and global: from brief moments in our lives to global extinctions of food chains, species, cultures, and landscapes.

A corollary to this exploration is: How do we communicate when we are being torn apart by forceful currents? During crises, dialogue is often replaced by messages crossing each other, like a message-in-a-bottle. In our contemporary culture, broadcast messages dominate and dialogue is becoming secondary, perhaps a sign of our pervasive feeling of being in crisis.

I like to work with flotsam and jetsam.