Ways of Moving – artcurrent Provincetown

Posted on Oct 22, 2013

featuring the work of JC Stahl

Performances October 26th at 8 p.m. & November 2nd at 7 p.m.

I was an art major at Dartmouth College, concentrating on sculpture, and spent a lot of time in
the theater, where I was introduced to dance. I have been working in both media since, and I am
bringing them together here in the sculptures themselves, and in the show as a whole.
With these pieces I am trying to give a sense of what it feels like for one point of my body to
move in space and time. Imagine putting a pencil to paper and drawing a continuous line, but
then turning that into a piece of steel in three dimensions. These figures are one continuous
ribbon of steel cut from a single sheet. I cut a few feet at a time, then heat and twist it. Seen in
process, it looks like the piece is growing out of the sheet, like a vine twisting upwards on itself
or a column of rising smoke. I then realized that I could add some actual movement to that which
I am trying to generate in steel, by hanging them and letting them move. Sometimes I feel like I
am wrestling, or perhaps awkwardly dancing, with a mass of metal, part of which is glowing red
hot. It occurred to me that it might be interesting to record the process. In this performance I am
showing not the actual process of making them, but the source of the idea.

There are seven short sections to the dance, each a different way of moving. A style, a tempo, an
impulse. One is ‘Rising/Falling’. Another ‘Arcs and Circles’. Another just ‘Ways of Walking’. In
some I relate the dance to specific sculptures, or the process of creating them. In others it is about
movement itself, but reflect my original purpose in cutting and bending the steel.

jc stahl september 29, 2013